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Sleep is vital to our mental, emotional and physical functioning. Research has shown that lack of sleep has a negative effect on mood, short-term memory, reaction time, alertness and the immune system.
Factors that interfere with sleep include: stress, anxiety, caffeine consumption, alcohol consumption, eating late at night, overstimulation, medications, health conditions, and sleep apnea. Alternately, there are many lifestyle habits that can promote healthy sleep, such as stopping caffeine consumption after noon, making your bedroom completely dark and avoiding activities that stimulate the brain (such as watching TV) before bed.
The ingredients in sleep support provide a broad spectrum of nutrients and herbs plus the hormone melatonin to assist in falling asleep, staying asleep and sleeping deeply. Melatonin, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland, has been shown to regulate the sleep/wake cycle, assist with sleep onset and improve sleep quality. Vitamin B6 is necessary for the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, the precursor to melatonin. Valerian, a botanical traditionally used to support healthy, sleep facilitates the onset of deep sleep. Passion flower and L-Theanine have been included for their anti-anxiety and antistress properties.
Central Drugs Sleep Supplements
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