The gastrointestinal (GI) system is linked to many bodily functions and is absolutely critical for optimal health.

Gut health is vital to keep the rest of the body functional and to prevent disease and to maintain wellness. Medical science has confirmed that in order to absorb essential nutrients from foods we eat, our intestinal integrity must be performing to its highest potential. Many systemic diseases are linked to an unhealthy digestive system causing chronic conditions and immune dysfunction.

It is estimated that nearly 70 million people in the US currently have some sort of gastrointestinal (GI) dysfunction.

GI issues that may be a consideration are intestinal pathogens, parasites, allergens, and imbalances in the gut microbiota. Other common impairments of healthy digestion and nutrient absorption may be improper chewing of foods, low stomach acid, pancreatic insufficiency, bile insufficiency, and leaky gut.
Gut Health and Wellness
Recent cutting-edge research suggests that human intestinal microbiota levels influences our energy, appetite, hormones, metabolism, immune system, insulin resistance, and inflammation. Gut microflora plays such a central role in healthy weight management that losing weight is much more than simply cutting calories, fat, or carbs.
Gut support supplements, such as as digestive enzymes and probiotics, are specifically formulated to assist in the healthy functioning of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. These supplements have a role in the breakdown of enzymes which facilitate the absorption of macronutrients and assist with hard to digest foods such as dairy, grains and legumes which are a large part of Western diets.
Our pharmacists suggest natural dietary digestive supplements which are free of ingredients which may cause GI issues. For example, many of our Wellness Works supplements are free from dairy, gluten, wheat, preservatives, soy, artificial dyes, colors, artificial flavors, and artificial sweeteners.
Suggested gut health supplements are:
Digestive Enzymes with Betaine
Probiotic Daily Support
Diet Support with Garcinia Cambogia
Fiber Blend
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