Central Rexall Drugs Supplements
We are offering 10% off our Central brand Wellness Works supplements.
We care about providing our patients with the highest quality products available. Which is why we recommend our professional grade supplements made with high quality, pure ingredients.
There is no question there is an ever increasing awareness and interest in nutritional supplementation to help maintain health. Millions of Americans are taking nutritional supplements every day, and realizing better health overall for their efforts. We know the foundation of any supplement line is quality. With our Wellness Works supplements we are providing:
  • Professional grade supplements
  • Supplements which are tested for quality, purity and safety by certified labs using the most-advanced equipment and testing methods
  • Supplements which are manufactured under the highest standards in the market
Visit our pharmacy to see our supplement line, or call (855) 645-5120 and a staff member will be glad to answer your questions.



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